Chemsex is the term given to sex under the influence of stimulant drugs such as methamphetamine or mephedrone, often in a group setting.

Many people take part in chemsex as the drugs used have a range of effects including increased sex drive, lower inhibitions, reduced appetite and increased energy levels.

While some people feel comfortable with their drug use, chemsex can become problematic due to the increased risk of STI/HIV transmission, adverse mental health effects or drug dependency.

What support is available?

1-2-1 Appointments

We offer support for chemsex through 1-2-1 appointments with our Community Development Workers.

Please contact one our office on 01482 291190 or email to arrange a 1-2-1 appointment.

Online resources

56 Dean Street have a range of short videos on chemsex

AfterParty have information on how to manage a chemsex lifestyle

GALOP have information on consent and chemsex

Talk to an expert online or visit us for a test.

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