Drugs and Alcohol

If you are worried about how drugs and alcohol are affecting your life speak to one of our workers who will refer you to the appropriate support.

Hull Services


ReFresh is a young people’s drug and alcohol service providing confidential support for young people up to the age of 18 who live, study or work in Hull.
ReFresh knows that if you are having problems with drugs or alcohol you may be having difficulties in other areas of your life. They can help with family relationships, finding secure somewhere stable to live, getting support with school, college or work and making a positive use of your time.

01482 331 059

Drop-ins at Kenworthy House, Monday to Friday 12.30 – 2pm ask for Refresh worker
Parents and carers can also seek advice or support if they are concerned about a young person.

ReNew can work with anyone 18+ worried about drugs and alcohol. They provide structured support, groupwork, prescribing and harm minimization initiatives.
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Drug Combination Risk Indicator

Forward Leeds have created a handy guide to know which drugs react badly when taken together.

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