Get involved with Talk. Volunteering is a great way to improve your skills, knowledge and meet new people. We have a range of ways that you can do this – all the time being supported by our staff team.

Volunteer Statement from a peer mentor:

Volunteering at Yorkshire MESMAC has given me more confidence then I could have ever imagined, I really enjoying working with Yorkshire MESMAC as I like interacting with different people while giving advice on contraception and well-being. All of the staff are really welcoming and friendly and Yorkshire MESMAC is a great place to volunteer with. My favourite thing about volunteering is meeting new people and always learning new things. One of the best things about volunteering is that everyone at the organisation is really inclusive.

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Peer mentor volunteer

Yorkshire MESMAC’s Youth Activation Team supports volunteers in schools and young people’s services to highlight the importance of sexual health and wellbeing to other young people in Hull.

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Event Volunteer Team Member

Yorkshire MESMAC’s Youth Activation Team hosts several events in Hull throughout the year to highlight the importance of sexual health and wellbeing to young people.

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Testing Times

Appointment services in the office:
• Tuesday 10-1pm
• Wednesday 1pm-4pm
• Thursdays 4pm-7pm
• Saturdays 11-1pm

Young Person specific drop ins (commencing February)

• Friday 3pm-4.30pm (condoms and advice)
• Saturday 2pm – 4pm (testing, condoms, advice)
There are other city based drop ins in local youth clubs and colleges, more info to be collected from the community and development workers in January.

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